Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It keeps on going with me where ever I go. It follows me everywhere I go. Even after trying so hard cant get it out of me !! People are with me, but I'm somewhere else, in my world, in my dreams !! Thinking, that world will come to me somehow, someday. People are around me but I'm still alone.

That something follows me, whether its in form of words, fragrance, memories or what so ever. I'm completely out of it, I'm no where in it but its totally in me. Still holding on, still some hopes left !! It says to me "TAKE ME OUT OF YOU. DONT FALL INTO ME SO MUCH, AM JUST GONNA HURT U MORE 'N' MORE..."

Then why do I consider it MY WORLD, MY EVERYTHING ?? And now my trust in everything has gone... Fearing that I'll again start considering something my world and it will again go, leaving me alone in pain. As if it doesnt pain, as if am not a human being...

The only thing that it has taught me is to keep on a fake smile and pretending as if it doesnt hurt !! Am thankful to it that it made me strong enough and clever enough not to trust anyone blindly...

And now I dont cry anymore, its not because I have forgotten everything, its just because am tired of crying over it... Now I smile, hiding my tears behind my smile !!!


  1. Don wow! But I guess you gotta grow up, things like this teach us what life is like, though its a experience in itself...

    I know completely what you have expressed about, one day you'll be strong enough to let it go. You can't hold on to love, you have to let it go free, if it comes back its yours or else it was never meant to be.

    And don't wear a fake smile, few days back I wrote a post of solitary walks, I said the same thing, but I don't know the reason yet. Don't wear a fake smile, 'cause its for me and others who love you, and also for you!
    Very touching post!

  2. thnx alot !! u hv seen me trying hard for it !! wish it wud be dat easy !! nd i wear a fake smile bcoz i dont want ppl nw 2 hurt me anymore !! Enuf of it...