Tuesday, April 9, 2013

People I will adore forever

When u first enter a new college u don’t know how many friends are u going to make? How are u going to make, in first place? Or how long is it going to last? Same questions I had in my mind when I first came to PiCA.
First few months went by wondering about the same. Then I saw this group of people sitting and playing truth and dare, I guess. I too joined it. There was a guy sitting right by my side, cheering up every person who got the bottle pointing towards them. To be frank, I got this sudden liking towards that guy, by the way he was making everyone comfortable with each other. Yes Mahesh Karande, I’m talking about you. :P

I had no idea we were going to be this great friends that time. Obviously we had fights in the end of first year (really immature one, I still laugh thinking about that). But c’mon which great friendship didn’t have problems. I still remember you calling me at the end of my birthday, but still giving me the best surprise. You played that stupid song on phone and sang one too.
People might have all sorts of wrong ideas about you, your attitude… But I know what a great friend you are, what all you have gone through. I respect all that.
When we were two three months through the first year, a new girl came to our class. Shy, little chubby and short, really quiet. I still remember she used to sit on the other end of the class. She never used to talk much, did all submissions on time (nerd :P). Slowly, she started talking to all of us (P.S.: we all know how :D ). Then came the first year tour, which was the time we both came become good friends (thanks to that stupid puncture incident). Really Kritika Iyer, if u wouldn’t have been there that evening, I would have cried like a baby.

Oo now it’s your turn miss Enid Gomez.
At that time I never thought, u will be one of my closest pals. Now I know the real you, and let me tell you that I love you for being who you are. The people who still think u are one heck of a rude person, I pity them. When I look at u, all I can think is “Damn, how someone can be so creative.” You are one heck of an all rounder baby. Be it studies, baking, art, sports, performing arts… Is there anything u cannot do?
Well moving on, to Avishkar Bharati. My bestie out of all.

To understand him perfectly, you have to be real good friends with him. If u see him from a distance all you can see is lazy, careless, good-for-nothing bum. But you would be blown away once you see that hidden talent in this guy. There are some people who never open their mouth ever, but their work speaks for them. He’s one of them. 
MK, Kitika, Ena and Avi, you people are the whole and sole reason I like my college life or are the reason I like my college. No 
matter whatever opinions people might have about our friendship, but I know you four people are the best people I could ever have in my life (sorry, got little emotional).