Friday, November 5, 2010


I still remember my first day at yukti. I saw many girls sitting together. I found my seat and sat in a corner, not speaking with anyone, took out a notebook and started writing something. Then in break went to all these girls, talked a little. Then studies in our coaching caught a pace and we all also started running with it. But in break times there was no one who can beat us girls at noise level ;) Slowly we all became quite close friends, whether it was test, home work or what so ever; we all used to sail in the same boat. But little did I know that out of these girls TANVI will be my one of my besties.

Initially we both were not so good friends, but yea she was the one who knew me very well out of everyone. The look on my face used to tell her that am in something real bad and she was the one who could easily catch my sadness or happiness just by reading my msgs, even though I don’t want to tell. She was the one who could easily catch the spark in my voice.

The time when I really required some one to be on my side in months of April and May, she was the one who stood by me and told, “Don’t worry dear am here with you, to listen to all your stupid or serious problems!!!” Whenever I needed her, she was just a phone call or msg away. She is a friend whom I won’t hesitate to call up even at odd hours.  Even after our coaching class got over, she was the one who stayed in contact with me. We never left a chance to hangout. Thanks to her that I met many other wonderful people- Surabhi, Pooja, Aditya, Naveen.

I wasn’t this strong, but thanks to her who taught me how to cope up with every situation, how to judge people, how to leave back small problems and move on in life. And she is the one who inspired me to start writing my own blog.

But it always happens with me, that the person dearest to me always have to go away leaving me. She also leaving India on 13th or 14th Nov and going abroad for her studies.

I’m gonna miss you badly dear and all my wishes are with you.