Sunday, September 12, 2010


I still remember month May and June... How difficult they were, for me and my parents. All hopes were drained out of me regarding my career, studies everything. But still keeping my mind strong I kept on believing that “It’s just a phase and it’s soon gonna get over.” Even my mom had some hope that I’ll land up some where which is good for me. But my dad he wasn’t really happy with me. We both didn’t talk to each other properly for almost one month.

He wanted me to perform well in engineering exams and that is where I failed in living up to his wishes. But I was never able to tell him that “Dad it’s not what I want to do. Engineering was not really my thing.” But every time I tried to explain this to my dad I failed. Then after I realized the actual fear inside him. He just wanted a better and comfortable life for me, because he knows what it takes to reach a higher level. He just wanted me to survive in this world of competition. He himself struggled alot to reach where he is right now and didnt want to see that struggle in my life.

But by the time I realized this, it was too late. But some where there was still a ray of hope in my life. It was the field of architecture. So finally I decided that COME WHAT MAY, but this time I won’t let my dad down. And at last I did it, I did clear architecture entrance exam. That was the time when my dad again started believing in me.

All problems were solved and that ray of hope was now sun shine and its brightness was clearly seen on my parents faces… I brought that smile back on their faces and that was it… I felt so happy with myself…

And now I promise to myself that I won’t ever let it fade….



  1. u a gud writer as well:)
    have my blog
    read it smday

  2. Don I am very happy for you.... Besides I know what all was going on, and even I wasn't spared. I know how you were feeling. And its all gone now, I am very happy that you are in a creative field, you are made for it :)

    Stay happy always, don't let that smile fade away ever :)

  3. @dhruv: thnx bro.. nd will read urs for sure !!
    @tanvi: who else cn understnd it bttr re coz u hv seen me gng thru it nd u wr by my side :) :)