Monday, August 16, 2010


Few days ago just was watching "Rang De Basanti". In that Madhavan said that "No country is perfect, we have to make it perfect". And this really depends on the youth of our country. To change anything, we first need to change ourselves and our point of view towards anything. Todays' youth, i.e. "US", wants to change, but its the system that keeps on coming in between. People say that to change the system, we have to be in the system. But the ral problem is people of our country are so allergic to change. They are just so used to everything. It really doesnt matter to them.

For Example:"METER JAM" campaign conducted on 12th of August and by THE YOUTH. They decided to boycott rickshaws and taxis, but there were quite a less number of people who actively participated in it. Because it really doesnt matter to them as far as their comfort is not disturbed. We need to change our attitude and that is not thinking for oneself but for everyone...

We really cant blame our system because above all its our fault. Just by burning candles and taking out rallies doesnt mean anything because that "JOSH" remains for sometime and eventually everthing fades off. My question is WHY.. WHY PEOPLE BECOME SO ADAPTED AND ADJUSTED TO EVERYTHING ?? WHY THEY DONT DARE TO CHANGE ANYTHING THEY FEEL IS WRONG ??? Sitting on a couch and blaming everyone is very easy but being in the system, making our hands dirty for everyones good is very difficult.

This topic has exactly no perfect conclusion, because at the end there is not a single person to blame but a whole lot of people and that includes everyone... ME, YOU and EVERY SINGLE PERSON OUT THERE...


  1. My MY so you can write so nicely!!!! Its a wonderful post! Jai hind!

  2. Hey write it again........its really good